Olive Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

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Olive Oxygen Concentrator Details:

Maximum recommended flow = 3L/Min- 5L/Min – 8L/Min- 10L/Min
Oxygen Concentration = 93%±3%
Power Supply = 220V±22V±,50Hz±1Hz/110v±15v,60Hz±1Hz
Output pressure = 20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power = 210W 330W 480W 550W
Net weight = 12kg 15 kg 18kg 20kg
Dimension = (MM)= 344 X 306 X 565 mm
LCD display: present working time, total working time,
presetting time, flowrate data, purity data

Optional config. Nebulization function
Manufacturer: Hefei Kangjun Intelligence Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Service warranty 01 Years Support Only Dhaka


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Chose the oxygen concentrator series products manufactured by our company.
Our oxygen concentrator adopts 220v/ 11ov AC power supply, uses air as raw material and high-Quality molecular sieve as adsorbent, and adopts the principle fo
pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to directly separate oxygen from nitrogen at normal temperature, oxygen of high purity is thereby produced.
please strictly observe relevant safety precautions during installation, use, and maintenance.

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Weight 19 kg