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When taking treatment at home you need good quality medical Equipment so that you can reach the initial stage of treatment. “Oxygen cylinder BD” does home delivery of medical equipment all over Bangladesh. So let us know what you need now. Medical equipment here we provide and Home Delivery.

Medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Online Shop in Dhaka Bangladesh

You must have some medical equipment when taking treatment at home! Only a doctor can diagnose the treatment problem. Online Shopping in Bangladesh, In the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the demand for various medical equipment including oxygen cylinders refill, rent and sell, concentrators, pulse oximeters, nebulizer machines etc. has increased. If you are suddenly overwhelmed by a disease like coronavirus, you should be alert quickly. In addition, those at risk of hypoxia should have regular oxygen levels monitored. Here you have the best medical equipment online shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide quality medical equipment affordable price at your home with fast home delivery.

Medical Equipment Home Delivery

Isn’t there a shop near you where you can get much needed medical equipment? Oxygen cylinder bd Online Shopping in Bangladesh is by your side and the ultimate online gateway to get medical equipment home delivery. We understand any situation you have and we are committed to delivering the emergency service to you. No matter where you are in Bangladesh, our team will be at your home with medical equipment. Oxygen Cylinder bd is the fastest and easiest way to buy medical equipment and get medical equipment home delivery service. No matter how busy your life is or gives priority to convenience and accepts our service.

Medical equipment home delivery
Surgical Instrument

Surgical Instrument

Looking for quality surgical instruments? With so many in the market, surely you can find the right platform from which you can buy. Stop searching because you’ve found your solution. We have a wide range of collections from top providers where you can get various surgical instruments like retractors, forceps, scissors, instrument, instrument kit and many more at affordable price in Bangladesh. See our list where the instruments are sorted with price. We have been providing surgical instruments all over the country for a long time with full priority on customer satisfaction.

Oxygen Cylinder

It’s needless to say the need for oxygen cylinders in the Covid-19 situation. Hospitals are overcrowded and patients seek treatment at home due to health risks. However, with the increase in demand, an oxygen cylinder in BD is also increasing. However, considering your needs, Oxygen Cylinder bd provides the best branded oxygen cylinders at reasonable prices. Oxygen cylinder price in BD starts from 8,000 BDT. However, when buying an oxygen cylinder, it is important to consider the quality, not always the price. We have been working for a long time to deliver quality oxygen cylinders to your home. Besides, you will get free home delivery in Dhaka.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in bd
China Oxygen Cylinder bd

Oxygen Cylinder Rent

Need oxygen cylinders for a short time? But rent as long as needed. Oxygen Cylinder bd is committed to providing you with durable oxygen cylinders and good quality support. If you want to get an oxygen cylinder just sitting at home, you can contact us now. You can buy or rent an oxygen cylinder with just one call 24/7. We provide oxygen cylinder rent in Dhaka service and free home delivery in Dhaka. We complete all setups, including the delivery of your rented oxygen cylinder, at no cost.

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery

Like other best and trusted platforms we provide oxygen cylinder home delivery service in Dhaka. Just choose from our list the brand cylinder you want, we will deliver it to you in the shortest possible time. Call us now to get a quality and top branded oxygen cylinder.

Oxygen Cylinder rent And sell

Oxygen Concentrator

Thinking of buying or renting an oxygen concentrator for your loved one? An oxygen concentrator is a small device that can provide extra oxygen-filled air. This is done keeping in mind that if the oxygen level of a Covid patient suddenly drops too much, oxygen therapy can be started at home with the advice of a doctor. Patients who have severe shortness of breath and have low blood oxygen levels below 94% need to start oxygen therapy immediately. So the oxygen concentrator is effective in providing extra oxygen. Oxygen Cylinder bd is supplying an oxygen concentrator electronic device as well as an oxygen cylinder for home delivery. Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh starts from 32,000 tk. Buy oxygen concentrators as per requirement and medical advice.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter, an instrument for measuring heart rate and oxygen levels in the body. The amount of oxygen in the blood can be known by touching the head of the finger. You don’t even have to take special training to use it. If you don’t have literacy, you can easily use this pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter can be a helpful device for people with Covid-19 infection or symptoms. The heart rate and oxygen levels in the body can be measured instantly with a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter price in BD starts from 600 to 5000 BDT. We have a wide range of pulse oximeter lists of top brands. So get yours from us now call 01714585817

Pulse Oximeter Price in bd
Auto BiPAP CPAP Price in Bangladesh

Cpap Machine

The cpap machine is very popular as a general treatment for sleep apnea. This device produces compressed air at a constant air pressure level. This creates a continuous flow of compressed air that travels through a flexible tube through an air filter that delivers pure air into the mask that is sealed around your nose or mouth. Cpap machine price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum 6500 BDT. Order or call us to get it now.

Bipap Machine

The bipap machine is available for both hospital and home use. It has a tube attached to a mask that is worn over your nose and face. The bipap machine uses pressure to get air into your lungs, increasing the level of oxygen in the blood and reducing carbon dioxide. Oxygen Cylinder bd has a list of BiPAP machines you need, including prices. The device is a bit expensive. The lowest price of a BiPAP machine price in Bangladesh can be 60,000 BDT.

Auto BiPAP CPAP Price in Bangladesh

Orthopedic Appliance

An orthopedic medical instrument is a device used to perform certain activities during a surgery or procedure or to manage the desired effects, such as repairing biological tissue or providing access to it. Over time a variety of surgical instruments and tools have been developed. We have the collection of quality orthopedic appliance in Bangladesh and as the most trusted platforms we meet your needs providing the best brands.

Patient Bed or Hospital Bed

Many of the complex patients have to be treated at home. If the patient’s condition is bad, only the hospital needs to be taken. It is possible to cure most people through treatment at home. A patient bed or hospital bed must be treated at home or in the hospital where a normal bed does not have the necessary facilities for a patient. You can get any type of patient bed or hospital bed at Oxygen Cylinder bd. We have listed all the types of patient beds according to your needs from where you can choose with quality; of course, we give you the best options.


People at that level who have difficulty walking or who have suffered from a physical illness, injury or paralysis – are the only people at that level who choose a wheelchair as a companion. Looking for a good, comfortable and easy-to-use wheelchair for your loved one? Get rid of your worries now because oxygen cylinder bd offers you the best wheelchairs that you can get at home. We are by your side with 24 hours home delivery to meet your needs.

Blood Pressure Machine

As you get older, your blood pressure starts to rise, which is very important to know, so keep a blood pressure measuring machine at home, thinking about your body. At least this device should be at your home. An easy solution for those who want to carry a blood pressure monitor at home use or abroad to diagnose blood pressure. Currently different types of blood pressure machines Digital and manual are available in the market. It is important to know the proper technique and find a quality blood pressure monitor before you start taking blood pressure tests at home.

Nebulizer Machine

If your loved one’s asthma, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses are severe, the patient may need to be given a nebulizer if they fail to take an inhaler. Very easy to use or handle, especially for kids. The nebulizer machine price in BD can start from 1250 BDT.

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