olive Oxygen Concentrator Price in BD. Olive’s newest, most advanced altitude generator is the Mountain Air Generator. This induces a clear low oxygen air stream for altitude acclimatization, hypoxic interval training (IHT), hypoxic exercise (HX), sleeping tents, and rooms at high altitudes. By can your oxygen uptake and delivery, simulated altitude helps you achieve your optimum athletic capacity. To markedly increase your red blood cell density, the generator works naturally with the systems of your body. The MAG will improve your speed and stamina significantly in just a few weeks.

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      Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh Quick View
    • Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

    • ৳ 47,000.00
    • Olive Oxygen Concentrator Details: Maximum recommended flow = 3L/Min- 5L/Min - 8L/Min- 10L/Min Oxygen Concentration = 93%±3% Power Supply = 220V±22V±,50Hz±1Hz/110v±15v,60Hz±1Hz Output pressure = 20Kpa-60Kpa Input Power = 210W 330W 480W 550W Net weight = 12kg 15 kg 18kg 20kg Dimension = (MM)= 344 X 306 X 565 mm LCD display: present working time, total working time, presetting time, flowrate…
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