Owgles 5-L Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh

৳ 39,900.00

This device is expected to work for a period of 5 years. For a longer user, please consult your equipment provider and physician.

Products Specifications :

Flow specifications                                  1 LPM-5 LPM

Oxygen concentration                            93% (+3%, -3%)

Power Consumption                              330 Watts

Sound                                                       50 dBa

Dimensions                                            13.4 in.W *11.8 in.D*25.6 in.H (34 cm W * 30 cm D* 65 cm H )

Weight                                                    19 kg

Enviromental Limit Conditions       Operating conditions : 5’C to 55′ C storage : -20’C to 60’C

Relative Humidity : up to 80% RH

Accessories :

The accessories listed below are recommended for use with this device. The use of any other accessories which are not specified for use with this device may reduce performance and void the manufacturer”s warranty.

Humidifier Bottle                    1 Piece

Cannula                                    1 Piece

Filter                                         1 Price

Atomizing Cup                       1 Piece

Atomizing Tubing                 1 piece

Atomizing Musk                   1 piece

Atomizing Mouthpiece       1 piece


Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Price in BD.

Oxygen Concentrator Detail:

* Real Voice Function

* LED Screen

*Remote Control function

*Total working time display

*maximal flow 5L/min

*Noise :<60 dB(A)..

More Medical equipment

 Emergency Nurse for Patient Care

Additional information

Weight 19 kg


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