Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh

An oxygen concentrator is an essential medicine for ICU, emergency patients, respiratory patients, general surgery, and neurosurgery departments. It also works as oxygen therapy, non-invasive pressure ventilation support for COVID-19 patients. As noble Coronavirus is a respiratory disease and it attacks the lungs severely, you must think of having an oxygen concentrator at your home to avoid an unexpected accident (death).

How to use an oxygen concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator takes 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other gas 1% from the air through a sieve and releases the nitrogen in the air. In return, the remaining oxygen works as a therapy for the patient’s body. So it 90-95% pure and compresses and dispensed through a cannula. A pressure valve in the oxygen concentrator device indicates the regular supply, and usually, they come in 1-10 liters per minute.

So oxygen concentrator is used as a window air conditioner. It compressed air by following a cooling mechanism by taking the surrounding air. Then removes the nitrogen through a filtering process and delivers the purified oxygen through nasal cannula and mask. So, usually, patients require a pressurized oxygen tank to get effective results. Concentrator tanks provide sufficient supply as patients needed.