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Oxygen cylinder rent in dhaka

We have been and always will dedicate to providing high-quality and affordable oxygen cylinders in Dhaka. If you see the current worldwide pandemic, it is very clear that we need oxygen to fight the COVID-19 ling disease. Therefore we have increased our production capacity throughout the country and prioritized all the basic requests for medical oxygen rent and sale in Dhaka.

COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease. We noted the lack of main medical equipment in our country. It is the main reason why most people are not recovering from this dreadful disease and fall in death unexpectedly. As we already know the oxygen cylinder crucially helps to the recovery process of affecting people. Thus, in view of this, we have a number of medical oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh units who are ready to ensure the fastest possible delivery at the lowest possible price. Because we believe this is not the time to become a profiteer and it’s high time to save people from this terrible pandemic time. We also provide oxygen cylinder rent in the Dhaka area to enhance the ongoing level of medical care.

So, if you eagerly want to know about the portable oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh, including Linde oxygen cylinder price bd, just log into our website and get to know about the latest prizing system of our company. If it is your 1’st time, you may feel a dilemma regarding the price. Still, as we directly import Linde oxygen cylinders and it’s safe, high-performance, and convenient to use soon, you will be happy by enjoying our reliable service. Additionally, The Linde oxygen cylinder price in Chittagong also remains the same that will offering you huge savings with minimal maintenance and low noise levels.

You can also contact us for an oxygen mask price in Bangladesh or any other medical equipment and COVID-19 safety gear. We expect you to get our service in an oxygen cylinder shop near me and build a favored, durable, and long-lasting relationship with our company.

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Linde Boc Oxygen Cylinder Rental Price List in Dhaka

 Linde BOC Oxygen Cylinder Rental package Price in Dhaka BD
Linde oxygen cylinder rent 7 days 2500 Taka
Linde oxygen cylinder rent for 10 days 3500 Taka
Linde oxygen cylinder rent for 15 days 4000 Taka
Linde oxygen cylinder rent for 30 days 5000 Taka

Our distributed professional network is the largest medical equipment provider in Bangladesh. At last, we are competent and would like to spread our aim in a wide range of products, swift response, excellent service, and international references.