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Oxygen Cylinder refill service in Dhaka

Oxygen Cylinder rent services are available for the full day, including day and night. We have separated the activities into 2 shifts day shifts and night shifts, but all the time, you will get reliable, trustworthy service for our best convenience. Need an Oxygen Cylinder Refill Contact us Imran Home Care LTD

Oxygen Cylinder Rent Details below: (Oxygen cylinder rent or sell just call us: +8801719661366, 01714585817)

What type of products do we sell and rent:

  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Oxygen concentrator.
  • Patient bed
  • Wheelchair
  • Suction machine
  • Air mattress.
  • Pulse oximeter.
  • Walker stick
  • Syringe pump
  • Ventilator etc.

Features of our products:

  • High strength
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Durable finish standards
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Defect-free etc.

Oxygen cylinder Refill and rent Service in Dhaka Bangladesh – Free Home Delivery.

We are a government-approved company. We supply oxygen cylinder refills, rent, sell and all kinds of medical equipment.

You can get an emergency oxygen Cylinder refill, completely free home delivery Within 1 hour in Dhaka City.


Oxygen cylinder-free home delivery with set up is available daily, weekly, and monthly package.


Oxygen cylinder Rent   Daily       300 Taka

Oxygen cylinder Rent   weekly    2000 Taka

Oxygen cylinder Rent   Monthly   5000 Taka

Details by oxygen rental packages:-

  1. Cylinder Capacity:  2000 Litter PSI 
  2. Oxygen cylinder Cubic Litter:  1400 Litter. 

      3. Oxygen Cylinder Height : 3 feet Cubic Meter: 1.36, medium (2 feet), stander (3 feet)

    4.Weight : 10 & 14 KG

    5. Backup:  Per Minute 2 liter Oxygen Flow nonstop 11-12 Hours.


one-piece oxygen tank 

one-piece oxygen flow meter 

one-piece oxygen musk

one-piece oxygen cannula

one-piece oxygen moving trolley

  1. Oxygen cylinder rent daily for 300 taka
  2. Oxygen cylinder rent weekly for 2000 taka.
  3. Oxygen cylinder rent a half month for 3300 taka
  4. Oxygen cylinder rent monthly for 5000 takas.

We are constantly getting physically ill. Because of this illness, we often need extra oxygen. Then, just then, various questions and worries arise that 

  1. What is an oxygen cylinder?
  2. How to use an oxygen cylinder?
  3. Who needs an oxygen cylinder?
  4. Where do you get the original product from?
  5. How do you recognize the original product?
  6. And does this oxygen cylinder have the right amount of oxygen gas?

First of all, 

What is an oxygen cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is a special iron vessel for storing oxygen, in which oxygen gas is kept under high pressure. The cylinder contains a large amount of oxygen as a result of high pressure. 1 liter per minute can be used non-stop for 20 to 22 hours.

Why use it?

Many times due to various problems, the oxygen level in the body decreases, just then the doctor recommends taking extra oxygen. Our cylinder will supply uninterrupted oxygen gas for a certain period of time and you will fill the oxygen deficit.

In fact, this oxygen acts as medicine for those who are sick. However, it is not advisable to use it without the advice of a doctor.

Patients who need oxygen :

  1. shortness of breath 
  2. asthma
  3. lung problems
  4. to relieve body fatigue 
  5. for pregnant mothers
  6. COVID-19

7. For those who are suffering from the same problem, it is very effective for children or people over 60 years old.

In addition to coronary heart disease, oxygen therapy may be needed because of this problem. This is when our oxygen cylinder can play an effective role.

There are some precautionary guidelines for using this oxygen cylinder:

  •  keep away from flammable substances that can catch fire
  • remove from direct sunlight and keep in a shady place
  • oxygen cylinders should not be used in the room where the smoker smokes, even if someone else is smoking near the cylinder.
  • oxygen cylinder or flow meter no oil Mobil or grease can be installed.
  • When not in use, turn it off completely.
  • repaired or repaired regulators cannot be used by anyone who is unauthorized.
  • use the trolley to move the cylinder

We will provide you with products that are iso-certified in accordance with world health organization guidelines and original products that are government-approved.

We will give you

  1. Supply of original products at fair prices
  2. Provide an official warranty guarantee
  3. Products of various world-famous brands
  4. Product delivery within two to three hours
  5. A skilled specialist at home will set up the bar and teach you how to use it properly.
  6. Provide 24-hour service after sales time.

Oxygen cylinders which are oxygen gas run out after a certain period of time just when a quick refill is needed. And you can call our hotline number to make sure that our delivery man will deliver oxygen to your home very quickly and this will ensure your uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

Now, how do you make sure it is a medical oxygen cylinder?

Is there a symbol of o2 or any other oxygen on the cylinder?

If so, understand that this is an original medical oxygen cylinder.

Your cylinder will have an iso standard number on it. Most oxygen cylinders have a refill start and end date.

First unbox the flow cylinder of the oxygen cylinder where you will find an oxygen nozzle cannula, an oxygen max, a humidifier bottle, and a meter.

Turn the flow meter down to the right and tighten the humidifier bottle.

This time take pure water in a bottle.

Attach the humidifier bottle with oxygen max or oxygen nozzle cannula as required by the patient. Turn the key with the cylinder to the left, read oxygen max and canola at the same time, diagnose 1 to 15 liters of oxygen according to the doctor’s advice through the regulator attached to the meter.

When not using the oxygen cylinder key, keep it completely closed with the wheel or key attached to the cylinder.

Delivery time:

We have a 15-member selling team led by a direct CEO. If you are at home and want to rent the equipment, it’s also available. We rent our every equipment at a reasonable price. So, to get hassle-free service, you can contact us today to get the oxygen cylinder refilled and rent it any time.

We have established one of the best healthcare providers on the health platform and offer high-quality service to win the best cooperate image. You can hear our company name in the nursing home care service simply by word of mouth. So, you can contact us now to get the best service at a reasonable price.

We have tried an oxygen cylinder that you can use very easily at home. If you want to know more information or order, call our hotline number 01719661366.

Thanks, everyone.