Ultrasonography Machine Price in Bangladesh– Oxygen Cylinder BD

৳ 840,000.00

Ultrasonography Machine Price in Bangladesh


Feature: Two Probe Convex & Cardiac
Model Q Bit 7
D3C60L 3.5 MHz Convex probe
D7L40L 5.0-12.0 MHz Linear probe
D12L40L 7.0-18.0 MHz Linear probe
D7L60L 4.0-12.8 MHz Linear probe (60mm)
D6C12L 6.0 MHz Transvaginal probe
D7C10L 7.5 MHz Transvaginal probe
D3P64L 3.0 MHz Phased array probe (Adult)
D6P64L 6.0 MHz Phased array probe (Pediatric)
D5C20L 5.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-Convex probe
D6C15L 6.0 MHz Pediatric Micro-convex probe
package order 4D package(4.5 MHz 4D volume probe V4C40L +4D module + 4D software)
separate order 4D module (Must order with the main unit if need to be upgraded to 4D in future)
4D software license
V4C40L 4.5 MHz 4D volume probe
Virtual HD
2D steer
Super Needle
Curved Panoramic View
Extended Cardiac Package: ECG Software, CW, Free Steering M, Color M, TDI
ECG Lead
Inner Battery
Biopsy kit: for convex/linear/TV/3.0 MHz Micro-Convex probe respectively
SONY UP898MD B&W Video Printer
MAX. Warranty
2 years warranty for the main unit from the ex-factory date.
1-year warranty for 4D probe, D7L60L, D7C10L, D6P64L, D12L40L from ex-factory date.
2 years warranty for other normal 2D probes from ex-factory date.


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