Nitrous Oxide Price in Bangladesh

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Bangladeshi Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) Standard:

* 98% v/v N2O in gaseous phase
* < 300 PPM CO2
* < 10 PPM CO
* < 2 PPM NO NOx
* No PPM of H2O impurities only chemical test

N2O best price in Dhaka Bangladesh – Oxygen Cylinder BD. Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas with a faint, sweet odor. offers clients of nitrous oxide which is widely Nitrous oxide used in surgeries and dentistry. Call Now 01714585817



laughing Gas / Nitrous Oxide Details For Bangladesh

Nitrous Oxide offers clients of nitrous oxide which is widely used in surgeries and dentistry. Nitrous Oxide price in Dhaka Bangladesh. Developed in compliance with international quality standards, nitrous oxide is also used to relieve pain associated with childbirth, trauma, and heart attacks.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a chemical compound with the formula N₂O. It is a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor and taste. Nitrous oxide serves as a weak anesthetic and analgesic, finding common application in medical and dental procedures. Additionally, it functions as an additive in food, labeled under the E number E942, operates as a propellant in aerosol cans, and contributes to rocket propellants.

Bacteria in the soil naturally produce nitrous oxide, and industrial processes also generate it as a byproduct. It is a greenhouse gas, and it contributes to climate change. Nitrous oxide is also a potent ozone layer, and it is responsible for a significant amount of ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere.

Inhaling nitrous oxide induces a euphoric feeling, leading to its occasional use as a recreational drug. However, inhaling nitrous oxide can be dangerous, and it can lead to several health problems, including hypoxia, vitamin B12 deficiency, and brain damage.

Types of Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

Types of Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

There are three main types of nitrous oxide cylinders:

Medical: cylinders are intended to contain medical-grade nitrous oxide used in hospitals and dental offices. They usually undergo pressure testing and certification to comply with stringent safety standards.
food grade: these cylinders serve to contain food-grade nitrous oxide used in the food processing industry. Typically crafted from stainless steel, they don’t undergo pressure testing as frequently as medical cylinders.
Industrial: cylinders, designed for industrial-grade nitrous oxide, support various industrial applications like welding, metal cutting, and food dehydration. Crafted from high-strength steel, manufacturers engineer them to withstand harsh environments.