Hospital Patient Bed for Rent in Dhaka



When it comes to ensuring the well-being of our loved ones during times of illness or recovery, having access to quality healthcare equipment is crucial. In Dhaka, the availability of hospital bed rental services plays a vital role in providing comfort and convenience to patients and their families. In Oxygen Cylinder BD, you can rent a hospital bed in Dhaka at the most convenient way and price.

At Oxygen Cylinder BD, you can get all kinds of hospital beds for rent or buy all over Bangladesh. Our expert delivery team can handle every difficulty or emergency. So don’t be worry about getting your delivery on time.

Discover the enhanced comfort of our hospital beds, equipped with unique features like adjustable head and foot sections for optimal user comfort. These beds offer a cozy experience suitable for users of all ages. Our rental service includes two functional hospital patient beds accompanied by soft mattresses.

Please choose from our flexible rental packages, including options for daily, 7-day, 10-day, and 30-day durations, tailored to meet your specific needs for 2-function hospital bed rentals.

Rent a Hospital Bed with Flexible Durations:

  • DailyRental: 2000 Taka
  • Weekly Rental: 5000 Taka
  • 10-Day Rental: 7000 Taka
  • Monthly Rental: 10000 Taka

Get emergency hospital bed rent service in Dhaka Bangladesh and Take free home delivery in Dhaka city within 60 minutes call +8801714585817 to make an order.