EaseFit FMI Full Face Mask

৳ 5,000.00

Most Popular Full Face mask for CPAP or BiPAP of sleep apnea, because it provides a comfortable fit and reliable seal for almost every face.

☆ High comfort level pad
☆ Activity-type soft mat
☆ Elastic adjustable
☆ Adjustable height of two masks
☆ Breathing more comfortable



EaseFit FMI Full Face CPAP or BiPAP Mask

♦ Adjustable height of two masks
♦ according to face length, the height of two levels: the mask
♦ Air intake and exhaust isolation type design
♦ carbon dioxide emissions are timely and effective
♦ Comfort silicone mask
♦ medical grade tasteless liquid silicone
♦ two-layer structure design, good air tightness, high comfort
♦ convenient tear-open outfit, easy-to-clean masks
♦ high-temperature disinfection
♦ Provide oxygen interface and testing
♦ Can rotate 360 degrees
♦ nighttime sleepwear is more flexible