Diabetes Machine Price in Bangladesh – Oxygen Cylinder BD

Original price was: ৳ 1,900.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,800.00.


  • Backlit screens, which make perusing around nighttime or in low light easier.
  • Blood glucometer strip
  • The blood is often collected from each side of the paper
  • both hands can check
  • Accurate leads to just 4 seconds
  • Only a speck of blood required
  • Reminder alarm to take care of your testing schedule
  • Store up to 180 results with date and time
  • Sort memories before and after meals.
  • Distinctive taking care of abilities incorporates having the strips put away within the meter or having a USB meter.
  • Meters that record carbohydrate grams and insulin dosages with the glucose perusing.


Non-coding glucose observing machine for better checking and controlling blood glucose levels. It has a super memory of 360 estimation result, 10 NTI test strips, 100 NTI lancet 30g each, shows test result inside 5 seconds, post-supper glucose level trial of 7/14 and 30 days normal, 10-95% RH activity dampness range.