Manual Simple Resuscitator Ambu Bag + Oxygen Tube – Oxygen Cylinder BD

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Latex-free, safe to use.

Oxygen tube and Reservoir Bag.

PVC transparent mask shaped to allow a perfect adhesion to the patient’s face.

Oxygen mask with tubing & reservoir bag for children.

Complete with no return membrane valve and connection for peep valve.


Package Included:

1 x First-Aid Devices

Specifications of Manual Simple Resuscitator PVC Kid Ambu Bag + Oxygen Tube First Aid kit-blue

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What’s in the box

1 x First-Aid Devices


Material: PVC

Color: white

Apply for: Children

Application: Face



Easy to use and operate.

Suitable for nurse training classes.

Packed in a carry box, easy to carry

Usage method: 

  1. Make the patient’s head back as much as possible. Under the pressure of forehead, open mouth, remove foreign bodies, insertion of oropharyngeal airway to patients with respiratory tract unblocked.
  2. Under the condition of a compressed oxygen source, the oxygen pipe of the simple respirator is connected with the compressed oxygen source and connected with the air storage bag. Adjust the appropriate oxygen flow to the gas storage bag expansion, the normal pressure on the balloon when the gas storage bag is not shrinking. (Note: noncompressed oxygen source is not required to connect the oxygen pipe, gas storage bag)
  3. The rescuer will even use a simple respirator mask tightly attached to the nose and mouth. Use the hand to press a recovery balloon for the patient to inhale, release recovery balloon the breath of patients with and patients lips cyanosis and other symptoms of hypoxia should ease
  1. To give the patient an appropriate frequency of breathing, usually 15 to 12 times per minute, 14-20 times per minute, baby 20-40 times per minute.
  2. To give the appropriate ventilation pressure volume. Simple respirator in normal use limit pressure valve should be open appetite bounce, for the temporary closure of the pressure limiting valve will be limited to the pressure valve knob pressure and rotation of 20 degrees, so that the bolt is locked